Qingdao, China 2016



This time my flight went all the way east to Qingdao, China.

Since i never made it to China i was super excited to see what ist really like to be there. Qingdao is some kind of Chinas spa-town located seaside on a peninsula between Shanghai and Peking. Hundred years back in time, Qingdao was germanys colony base in China, so the equivalent of Hong Kong for the british empire. The only things left from back then is a cathedral in the centre, which seems to be popular for wedding photoshoots, as well as the famous Tsingtao beer.

I had two days off before flying back to visit the town. Like the whole crew i slept the first day. We just had Hot-Pot for dinner, a kind of stew which is placed on the table so everyone can cook the ingriedients for themselves. The second day we ran around a chinese market for hours to buy christmas presents and some clothing for ourselves. We had to negotiate with a calculator since no one spoke english. As we tried to find a taxi for our way back we realized it´s rush hour, so it took us about 1,5 hours to return to the hotel.

All in all i got surprised by the city and i would´ve liked to stay a day or two longer since i missed the TV-tower and a few other highlights.



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