Chennai, India 2017

The second day of our layover in India, we stayed in Chennai downtown. During the day we visited another temple which was way more colourful than the ones in Mahabalipuram. We were not allowed to enter the interior part of the temple because it was only permitted for Hindu people. Even though i catched a short… Continue reading Chennai, India 2017

Mahabalipuram, India 2017

Since we had a full day off in Chennai, India, a few colleagues and myself decided to visit the town of Mahabalipuram which is well known for its old temples as well as the beautiful beaches towards the bay of Bengal. We spent exhausting 3 hours visiting temples in the burning sun. The place was… Continue reading Mahabalipuram, India 2017

Marrakech, Morocco 2017

The purpose of flying to marrakech was actually to get some sun regarding the bad weather in Germany. In the end it was raining even more in Morocco and went even colder than german winter. Colourful tiled palaces and busy souks still made it worth coming here. The bad weather also had its benefits in… Continue reading Marrakech, Morocco 2017

Singapore 2017

Since i had two weeks without an on-duty flight, i decided to visit friends of mine in Singapore. In many aspects it was the glamorous city one expects it to be. Including many rooftop bars overviewing the skyline and exclusive sports-cars all around. I was surprised how calm the city was even though its one… Continue reading Singapore 2017

Dallas Texas, USA 2017

Many people told me Dallas is USA at it´s best: Highways, Burger and Shopping Malls. I mean… that´s all one needs! I wasn´t disappointed. Since we had one day off, we had enough time to visit the museum where JFK was shot in 1963. It was really interesting to learn about Kennedys presidency as well as… Continue reading Dallas Texas, USA 2017

Qingdao, China 2016

This time my flight went all the way east to Qingdao, China. Since i never made it to China i was super excited to see what ist really like to be there. Qingdao is some kind of Chinas spa-town located seaside on a peninsula between Shanghai and Peking. Hundred years back in time, Qingdao was germanys… Continue reading Qingdao, China 2016

Almaty, Kasachstan 2016

  My first flight as flight attendant for Lufthansa went to Almaty, Kasachstan. A city which has 1.5 million inhabitants, but appears like a small town of 100k. It is quite interesting to feel the mixture of russian, chinese and oriental culture in one country which seems way poorer than it actually is. Almaty is… Continue reading Almaty, Kasachstan 2016