Tim Christ is currently studying architecture at RWTH Aachen University. He already finished his first bachelor in the field of human geography at University of Frankfurt. Furthermore he is employed as a flight-attendant for a major german airline and does smaller freelance projects in the fields of web-design and content management.

This website mainly exhibits a selection of photographs taken during the last seven years. Equipment-wise, Tim started to photograph on a Canon EOS 1000D body, quickly upgraded with a Canon EF 24-105mm objective he is still using today. The body was soon replaced with an older Canon EOS 5D Mark I which gave most pictures a charming and almost analogue touch. Mostly because of its benefits in weight and lighting it was eventually replaced again with a Canon EOS 6D Mark I body which is his digital choice up to day. More recently he is taking on analogue photography with a Leica M3 dating to 1956.

This website also exhibits some of the more recent architectural projects and other non-photographic works. For collaborations and individual prints find the contact details down below.

email timchrist@gmx.de
instagram @juvetim